• Certified Company

    ISO 9001 : 2000

We at, Shree Parmeshwar Steels Private Limited, are the leading manufacturers of Reinforcement bars (GOD TMT) and Sections (i.e. Rounds, Squares, Flat, Hex etc.). Our material portfolio contains wide range of steel types including Mild Steel, Stainless steel and Alloys. All high quality steel products are produced as per international standards. An ISO 9001: 2000 certified, state of the art, fully automatic plant is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our range of products also includes BIS Certification.

Physical Properties of GOD TMT bars
Grade Fe-415
Grade Fe-415
Grade Fe-500
Grade Fe-500
Grade Fe-550
Grade Fe-550
Proof Stress 415 N/mm2 460 N/mm2 500 N/mm2 540 N/mm2 550 N/mm2 580 N/mm2
Tensile Strength 485 N/mm2 540 N/mm2 545 N/mm2 620 N/mm2 585 N/mm2 660 N/mm2
Proof Stress 415 N/mm2 460 N/mm2 500 N/mm2 540 N/mm2 550 N/mm2 580 N/mm2
Chemical Composition (%)
Carbon 0.300 Max 0.14 - 0.22% 0.300 Max 0.14 - 0.22% 0.300 Max 0.14 - 0.22%
Sulphur 0.060 Max 0.05 Max 0.055 Max 0.05 Max 0.055 Max 0.05 Max
Phosphorus 0.060 Max 0.05 Max 0.055 Max 0.05 Max 0.050 Max 0.05 Max
S+P 0.110 Max 0.09 Max 0.105 Max 0.09 Max 0.100 Max 0.09 Max
Section Weight of GOD TMT bars
Bar size IS 1786 (kg/m) GOD TMT (kg/m)
8 mm 0.367 - 0.423 0.370 - 0.395
10 mm 0.574 - 0.660 0.580 - 0..610
12 mm 0.844 - 0.932 0.850 - 0.885
16 mm 1.500 - 1.657 1.505 - 1.575
20 mm 2.390 - 2.540 2.4 - 2.450
25 mm 3.739 - 3.965 3.740 - 3.840
32 mm 6.126 - 6.500 6.130 - 6.310

  • Superior Production Process

    GOD TMT Bars are made from billets. Pusher type reheating furnace, automatic continuous mill, and heavy-duty DC voltage drives, Evcon-Turbo quenching system, state-of-the-art computerized physical testing laboratory, garnished with valuable experience of a decade in steel production - All these ingredients blend together to bring to you optimum quality, bars designed from international standard steel in merely 14 seconds !
  • Superior Concrete Bonding

    It is inevitable that each bar needs to bond with concrete for long standing structures. Stronger bond assures years of steady construction. Due to high-tech machinery, God TMT bars are produced with perfect ribs. Evenly spaced, deep dented designed ribs assist in the strong bonding.
  • Superior Welding Capacity

    The strength of the welding is directly dependent on the carbon content of the bar. Optimum care is taken while manufacturing to keep the carbon content even lower than the IS - 1786 specified standards. To achieve trouble-free and sturdy welding the carbon content needs to remain at a maximum of 0.25%. Excellent welding capacities like these assist in assembling the skeletal structure in a shorter period.

  • Superior Strength & Bonding

    GOD TMT bars are an unmatched combination of Outstanding Strength and Superior Bonding as they are thermo technically treated with the help of Evcon-Turbo. Due to unmatched strength (table 1 & 2) and the ability to be molded into smaller diameter circle, it can be shaped into rings effortlessly.
  • Superior Earthquake Resistance

    An icon of strength, GOD TMT Bars, comprise of a special dual core design. As a result they endow a structure with added strength and optimum ductility. Its sturdy outer layer is equipped to encounter the shock energy during earth tremors and its soft inner layer provides the magnetic force, making it the most ideal solution in earthquake prone regions.
  • Superior Financial Savings

    In the present times of inflation, GOD TMT Bars are most reasonably priced, to suit Construction budgets. Optimum strength at a Lower cost is synonymous to GOD TMT Bars.

  • Superior Customer Service

    Our customer service follows the path of Gandhian philosophy. Our motto is to provide quick and satisfactory services to our customers. GOD TMT Bars owes, its popularity, to a proficient and diligent Management team which strives towards Customer satisfaction. Shri Parmeshwar Steels not only delivers on time, but takes utmost care in after sale service also.

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable customers.