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Columbus McKinnon is the global market leader in electric chain, electric wire rope, hand chain and lever hoists, crane components and jib cranes and rigging. PARMESHWAR STEELS PVT. LTD. is working in collaboration with Columbus McKinnon.


Lifting loads just doesn’t mean only up, down and transfers moments of load. It has got more meaning to it. For anything, which is better and can provide matchless performance; it requires handling the load very softly and delivering it in minimum time with the highest safety. GOD Cranes and Components are raising the bar of Excellency by focusing to every detail of engineering. Our most versatile innovations can provide cost effective solutions to every situational requirements.

An Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (EOT), commonly called a Bridge Crane, is a type of crane found in industrial environments. An overhead crane consists of parallel runways with a travelling bridge spanning the gap. A hoist, the lifting component of a crane, travels along the bridge. SPSPL designs and manufactures wide range of Bridge Crane and Hoisting Units for various range of industrial applications.

On the basis of Suspension type

  • Under Slung Type
  • Over head type

GOD Crane offer solution for various operating purposes such as:

  • Loading and Unloading
  • Building and Assembling
  • Installation and Repairing works
  • Material Handling works

We produce & design many kinds of Bridge Cranes to suits many needs:

On the basis of number of Bridges

  • Single Beam Bridge Crane
  • Double Beam Bridge Crane

Type of Bridge used to Produce Beams of Bridge

  • Rolled Beam Type
  • Box Girder Type

Some of our excellent design innovation includes:                    

  • Overload protection
  • Anti collide Mechanisms
  • Emergency stop system and derailment supports
  • Walkway passage for maintenance
  • End limit switches to ensure the safety margins
  • Design that support easy replacement of Parts
  • Noiseless Lifting of Load

GOD Cranes and Components offer today’s most Advance Systems and Functioning. Few includes:

  • Anti sway of Load Control
  • Controlled Acceleration and Decelerations
  • Precise Load Control through Micro Speeding
  • Overload alarming protection
  • Displays for Load Gauging on the Crane
  • Radio Remote Operations
Bridge Crane Specifications
Crane Type Suspension Travelling
type Crane
Single Girder Overhead
Travelling Crane
Double Girder Overhead
Travelling Crane
Load Capacity (MT) 25 20 150
Span (m) 35 50
Span (m) 50
Lifting Speed (mpm)Span (m) 10
Cross Travel Speed (mpm) 25

When the bridge of Overhead Travelling crane is rigidly supported on two or more legs running on a fixed rail at ground level, the crane is called a Portal Crane. Portal Crane is also known as a Gantry crane or a Goliath crane.

To increase the capacity utilization of work building, GOD Portal cranes could be the best cheaper alternative. In the case when site conditions have limitations or establishing Bridge crane Solution becomes so expensive, GOD Portals provide best lifting arrangement. From the Ports to Mines, Power plants to Steel Industry, for any kind of loading Inside to Out, our Portal Cranes cater wide range of solutions. With the minimum level of construction work, the cranes can be easily integrated in existing environment.

SPSPL designs and manufactures PORTAL Cranes for wide range of applications, which includes

  • General purpose
  • Assembling
  • Loaders to handle loads in to piece or Bulk with separate attachments.

Portal designs are also available in few variants.

    Load capacities upto 20t & track gauges of upto 30m

  • Single Girder Full Portal Crane
  • Single Girder Semi Portal Crane

Load capacities upto 100t & track gauges of upto 50m

  • Double Girder Full Portal Crane
  • Double Girder Semi Portal Crane

Portal Cranes Specifications
Crane Type Single Girder Double Girder
Load Capacity (MT) 20 60 100
Span (m) 30 36
Long Travel Speed (mpm) 25 50
Lifting Speed (mpm) 7 10
Cross Travel Speed (mpm) 15 25

Manually handling the load is a tiresome situation for any employee. Locally to transport and deposit the load precisely, the alternative is Pillar and Wall Mounted Jib Cranes. They are low in dead weight, consume minimum space and easily work in conjunction with or without overhead cranes. They offer maximum outreach through arms in 360 Degree areas with highest load lifting capacity.

Normally Jib cranes are supplied with Electrical equipment and hoist. However, The Jib only can be ordered without these components.

GOD JIB Crane Advantages:

Easy to Operate – Unique tapered roller bearing design provides easiest rotation in the industry on 360 degree Jib Cranes offering easy to use advantage.

Cost Effective – Jib Cranes are an inexpensive solution for short transfer applications.

Rugged Reliability – Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty configurations to meet every application for indoor or outdoor purpose

Jib Crane Specifications
Crane Type Pillar Type / Wall Mount
Load Capacity (MT) 5
Arm Reach (m)) 8 m(360/180 Degree Rotation)
Lifting Speed (mpm) 5
Cross Travel Speed (mpm) 20

Introduction of ready-made Hoisting Equipment has offered flexible integration of lifting arm to all kinds of cranes or other structures. With largest variety of GOD Hoisting Equipment Electric or Manual type, Rope or Chain type, Standard or Hazardous environmental type (Flame Proof), all kinds of Lifting needs can be satisfied while maintaining the global safety and operational standards. Whether the lifting and pulling needs are irregular or continuous, our hoists lift smoothly and offer optimum control for their users.

The device can work in conjunction with newly planned or existing supporting crane structures. With 25t lifting range, it offers extensive benefits that includes....

  • Compact designs with minimum approach dimensions offers maximum coverage of space
  • Modular arrangements of motors, gearboxes, drums, rope-leadoff, reeving and drive controls provide the optimum solution
  • Silent Operation with Hardened and Ground Gear trains
  • Self adjusted Fail to Safe Breaks for better safety
  • Incase of Inverter Drives, Infinitely variable hoist and travel motions guarantee low- sway handling. Precise, gentle positioning provides for greater safety and convenient operation
  • Design as per IS confirming standards for hazardous (IS 3938 and IS 2148) and routine applications
Hoist Specifications
Crane Type Wire Rope Hoist
Hazardous / Non-Hazardous
Load Capacity (MT) 25
Lift (m) 50
Lifting Speed (mpm) 5
Cross Travel Speed (mpm) 20

We cater solutions to wide range of industries

  • Steel Plants
  • General Industries
  • Power Plant
  • Foundries
  • Machine Shops
  • Chemical Industries
  • Cement Plants
  • Nuclear Plant
  • Powerhouses
  • Warehousing
  • Heavy Machinery Industries
  • Petrochemical Plants

Support and Service

Our most qualified Engineers and supporting staff offer great consultation on Maintenance, Usage, Service requirement and Part replacement. While planning the equipment purchase, experts provide best advice and various analytic of your industry based upon their rich experience, so that you can evaluate various options and finally buy a product, which is value for money. The service engineering staff would always make sure all the parts used to its entire life cycle. Parts shall be made available very quickly.

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  • Bhutan
  • India
  • Muscat
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  • Sri lanka
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  • Kenya
  • Nigeria Oman
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We are providing good & on time services to our valuable customers.